Wikis Across the Curriculum

A 2007-08 Tour of IUP Faculty Explorations in Teaching Technology

Presentation for the Emerging Technology Committee of ACPAC
2pm - Thursday, May 1, 2008

Beginning in Fall 2007, a group of five faculty from two colleges set out to explore the potential for conducting wiki-based projects in classes which ranged from introductory to the graduate level. The Wiki is a multi-authoring web environment that facilitates collaborative writing, editing and publishing. Drs. Laura Ferguson, Sean McDaniel, Gian Pagnucci, and Dawn Smith-Sherwood will share examples of student work, reflect upon the success of their projects, and offer their observations as to the need for and usefulness of a university-wide wiki service.

A faculty-initiated exploration of the Digital Humanities Center (, "Wikis Across the Curriculum" makes use of a platform similar to that used by the infamous Wikipedia. Employing a web 2.0 tool in service of constructivist pedagogy, it helps students to create knowledge in ways not facilitated by conventional learning management systems such as WebCT. Dr. Kenneth Sherwood configured individual course installations for each participating faculty member on the DHC web space, using the open-source platform Tikiwiki, and provided ongoing support.