Student Blogging Research

Blogging has emerged as an intriguing educational tool in recent years, particularly for those of us teaching writing. Recently, IUP doctoral student Eric Glicker defended his dissertation entitled "The Student Writer as Blogger: A Longitudinal Study of a Blogger's Critical Narrative Events." DHC co-director Gian Pagnucci directed the dissertation, and DHC co-director Kenneth Sherwood was also a reader.

Dr. Glicker's study looks at how a student constructs her identity as a writer through four years of college blogging. While the blog work began in the course of class requirements at Seton Hill, it became a kind of public journal documenting the growth of a writer. One of the key features Glicker discovers is how the public, shared or communal audience for the writing occasions the writer's growth.

Glicker's early research was published in EAPSU Online. We expect to see additional essays appearing soon; or, if you can't wait, look for the digital archive of the dissertation.