Digital Humanities and English Studies

One measure of what's going on in the field of English studies is the mix of panels at the annual professional conference of the Modern Language Association. Nearly 10% of sessions at this year's MLA focus on the digital humanities.

Mark Sample has compiled "a comprehensive list of digital humanities sessions at the 2013 Modern Language Association Conference in Boston" and notes that the number of digital humanities presentations is significant. "The 2013 list stands at 66 sessions, a slight increase from 58 sessions in 2012 (and 44 in 2011, and only 27 the year before). Perhaps the incremental increase this year means that the digital humanities presence at the convention is topping out, leveling out at 8% of the 795 total sessions. "

For those of you attending the MLA and interested in DH, you can consult the helpful digest of the program Mark has produced here: