DHC Co-director Chosen for NEH-funded Institute

Associate Professor of English, Kenneth Sherwood, has been chosen to participate as a poetry scholar in the NEH-funded NEH-funded Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities: "High Performance Sound Technology for Access and Scholarship" (HIPSTAS). The year-long project focuses on developing and using new technologies to access and analyze spoken word recordings within audio collections.

Participants will develop use cases for a year-long project in which they use advanced technologies to augment their research on sound and then present scholarship based on these new modes of inquiry and critique the tools and approaches implemented during the development year.

Dr. Sherwood, co-director of the IUP Center for Digital Humanities and Culture, has presented and published research on performance poetry and the analysis of recorded poetry audio. The HIPSTAS research he will conduct involves the PennSound audio archive.

At IUP, he currently teaches doctoral courses in the Literature and Criticism program on Modern American Poetry, Postmodern Poetry, Digital Literature, and Digital Teaching. Previously, he edited the scholarly website AudibleWord.org (2004-2010) with participation of IUP graduate students.

The graduate program in Literature and Criticism gives students the opportunity to develop digital humanities skills through coursework (including a newly created course in Digital English Scholarship) and participation in projects such as Livingston Online, led by DHC-codirector Adrian Wisnicki.