Distanced Sounding: Versioning Poems in the Digital Audio Archive

Kenneth Sherwood (English Department) delivered a presentation entitled "Distanced Sounding: Versioning Poems in the Digital Audio Archive" at the 2016 annual conference of the Modern Language Association, held this year from January 7 to 10 in Austin, Texas.

As part of a program on "Close and Distant Listening," Sherwood's research explores how the rise of audio archives invites new listening, research, and archiving strategies. Using a tool called ARLO, hosted on an NCSA supercomputer, Sherwood detailed a case study using visualization and the application of a structured vocabulary for tagging paralinguistic.

For more, view the MLA program https://apps.mla.org/program_details?prog_id=136&year=2016

or slides: http://bit.ly/MLA-DistList-Sherwood

Sherwood teaches graduate courses in the Digital Humanities at IUP and codirects the Center for Digital Humanities and Culture. http://www.iupdhc.org