2013 Digital Humanities Forum: Call for Papers

2013 Digital Humanities Forum: Return to the Material
University of Kansas
September 12-14, 2013

* Thursday, September 12: Workshops
* Friday, September 13: THATCamp Kansas
* Saturday, September 14: Return to the Material conference

Recently digital humanities discussions have returned to a focus on the material in many senses. Bethany Nowviskie’s talk at MLA 2013—“Resistance in the Materials” —explored various facets of the material aspects of digital humanities, including the role of craft and collaboration, the “increasing casualization of academic labor," and the emergence of digital-to-physical technologies. KU’s 2013 Digital Humanities Forum will explore these and related topics in our program “Return to the Material.”

DHC Co-director Chosen for NEH-funded Institute

Associate Professor of English, Kenneth Sherwood, has been chosen to participate as a poetry scholar in the NEH-funded NEH-funded Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities: "High Performance Sound Technology for Access and Scholarship" (HIPSTAS). The year-long project focuses on developing and using new technologies to access and analyze spoken word recordings within audio collections.

Digital Humanities and English Studies

One measure of what's going on in the field of English studies is the mix of panels at the annual professional conference of the Modern Language Association. Nearly 10% of sessions at this year's MLA focus on the digital humanities.

Opportunities for DH Students and Scholars at the 2013 MLA

The Humanities and Technologies CAMP
THATCamp MLA is an "unconference" affiliated with this year’s Modern Language Association Convention and will be hosted at Northeastern University in Boston, MA on January 2, 2013. Sessions will be held the day before the MLA Convention, which runs from January 3-January 6 in Boston. Applications for THATCamp MLA will open on September 7, 2012. Apply: http://mla2013.thatcamp.org/

DH Commons Workshop

Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age:

Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age:
E/Merging Reading, Writing, and Research Practices

12 December 2012. Hotel Parque Central, Havana, Cuba.
Proposals due 15 May 2012.

Do "The Risky Thing" in Digital Humanities

In the September 25, 2011 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Kathleen Fitzpatrick writes that "The case for why a graduate student should take a chance on an innovative project—a dissertation in film studies that builds its argument in both video and text form, for instance, or a project that uses geospatial technologies to map literary movements—is pretty straightforward: Real innovation requires risk. "
Fitzpatrick is the Director of Scholarly Communications for the MLA and a Professor at Pomona College. Visit the Chronicle to read the full opinion piece:

Wisnicki joins the DHC

The DHC and the department of English are pleased to welcome Dr. Adrian S. Wisnicki to IUP. At present Adrian is completing a monograph that explores British knowledge production on the African "frontier" through close analysis of works by Livingstone, Burton, Kingsley, Conrad, Buchan, and others. His next project, which will be published through Livingstone Online, entails producing a digital, multidisciplinary, critical edition and image database of Livingstone's final exploration diaries (1869-1873). For more information, see http://www.livingstoneonline.ucl.ac.uk/

Student Blogging - Wordpress/Buddypress

DHC co-director Kenneth Sherwood is continuing the teaching explorations of blogging with English 101 students this year -- using a new tool called Wordpress/Buddypress. Students are conducting audio interviews and using a blog to document their writing processes.

As Dr. Eric Glicker's research shows, one dimension contributing to the value of writing through blogs is the opportunity to create a community of learners in dialogue. So having others read the blog and comment is crucial to gaining the motivational and shaping effects of audience.

Student Blogging Research

Blogging has emerged as an intriguing educational tool in recent years, particularly for those of us teaching writing. Recently, IUP doctoral student Eric Glicker defended his dissertation entitled "The Student Writer as Blogger: A Longitudinal Study of a Blogger's Critical Narrative Events." DHC co-director Gian Pagnucci directed the dissertation, and DHC co-director Kenneth Sherwood was also a reader.

Reading Rebooted - Website online

Announcing the companion website for "Reading Rebooted: Glimpsing the Future of Literature in the Digital Age" which offers the opportunity to preview the works selected from twelve digital writers and artists from the United States, Europe, and Australia. Visit http://readingrebooted.iupdhc.org to learn about future of literature in the digital age.