Student Blogging - Wordpress/Buddypress

DHC co-director Kenneth Sherwood is continuing the teaching explorations of blogging with English 101 students this year -- using a new tool called Wordpress/Buddypress. Students are conducting audio interviews and using a blog to document their writing processes.

As Dr. Eric Glicker's research shows, one dimension contributing to the value of writing through blogs is the opportunity to create a community of learners in dialogue. So having others read the blog and comment is crucial to gaining the motivational and shaping effects of audience.

Student Blogging Research

Blogging has emerged as an intriguing educational tool in recent years, particularly for those of us teaching writing. Recently, IUP doctoral student Eric Glicker defended his dissertation entitled "The Student Writer as Blogger: A Longitudinal Study of a Blogger's Critical Narrative Events." DHC co-director Gian Pagnucci directed the dissertation, and DHC co-director Kenneth Sherwood was also a reader.

Reading Rebooted - Website online

Announcing the companion website for "Reading Rebooted: Glimpsing the Future of Literature in the Digital Age" which offers the opportunity to preview the works selected from twelve digital writers and artists from the United States, Europe, and Australia. Visit to learn about future of literature in the digital age.

Recording Oral Interviews

In-house Workshop
DHC - Stabley 2nd Floor
Friday, 31 October 2008 - 12:15-1:15pm

Training on recording oral interviews using the Edirol R-09 digital audio recorder. Depending on participant interest, we will also consider file management, sharing, and archiving solutions.
Wiki page

Wikis Across the Curriculum

A 2007-08 Tour of IUP Faculty Explorations in Teaching Technology

Presentation for the Emerging Technology Committee of ACPAC
2pm - Thursday, May 1, 2008

Participatory Technology : Wikis and Podcasts in the Language Classroom

Presentation for the IUP Spring Methodology
Conference on Foreign Language Teaching

Dr. Dawn Smith - Sherwood
IUP Spanish

Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
IUP English

Open Journal Project

The availability of new digital tools and problems in academic publishing hav led many scholarly journals to investigate the transition from a print-format, subscription model to web publishing platforms. Such systems typically assist journal editors and writers in managing the peer-review and production process, while helping them to publish a broadly accessible and professional journal. Open Journal Systems is one such open access product being explored on a trial basis at www.IUPDHC.Org/openjournal.

Cyberinfrastructure Report

The Academic Commons has just released a fascinating special issue entitled Cyberinfrastructure and the Liberal Arts. Individual essays deal with cutting edge humanities research, pedagogy, archives, etc.

Wikis in Education Presentation

Visit the wiki for a brief outline of the general educational uses of the wiki, and a look at the explorations in progress of IUP Faculty.

You are welcome to contribute to this Wikis In Education 101" page, which has been composed for a presentation to the ACPAC Emerging Technology Committee at IUP.

Teaching in SL

The community of open source developers for Moodle has been working on means to make the virtual environment, Second Life, more usefull as a teaching tool. Several tools are currently in development, including modules for conducting logged chat sessions between members in Second Life and those logged into a Moodle class; an SL quiz admininstrator; and a tool to allow blogging from within Second Life.