Cyber Performances: Exploring How Students Interpret Digital English Projects

EAPSU 2007, Indiana University of PA

Students reinterpret literacy practices through collaborative digital performance.

Gian S. Pagnucci
Kenneth Sherwood
Eric Glicker

The "Wiki" in the Classroom

This fall three members of the Digitial Humanites working group will explore the learning potential of the Wiki with their students. Familiar as the interface for "Wikipedia," the wiki is a tool for collaboration that has many educational uses. The key feature is that any entry created can subsequently be modified with new information by later readers.

Teaching in the Wireless Classroom - Marjorie Perloff

MLA Newsletter.Winter (2006): 3-5. (Reprinted with permission)
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We wanted to initiate a conversation drawing upon our varied interests in digital technology and the humanities, so it only seemed fitting that we have a networked space to register some of this discussion. Please feel free to participate in this space in whatever manner suits suits you.

Here are some of the areas of interest on the table:digital text as knowledge, and knowledge about knowledge; collaboration and peer editing; digital rhetorics (remix, modularity); video games and student learning; digital text and the transformation of the discplines; intertextuality and variorum editions; technology vis a vis pedagogy.